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SaaS Pricing Tips – Poindexter Startup Journey #7

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SaaS Pricing Tips – Poindexter Startup Journey #7

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This is part of a weekly series that follows our journey taking Poindexter from small startup to Industry Leader.

Topic this week:
Saas Pricing Tips

4 Factors to Consider:

1. Create Detailed Customer Persona’s
2. Name Your Plans By Customer Type
3. Align pricing along a “value metric”
4. Separate your functionality according to what each buyer finds important

Designing a Pricing Page:

Lessons from the Top 5 SaaS Pricing Pages:

Why you need to review your pricing strategy today (and how to do it right)

How to Not Price Your Product Like a Moron

Our 6 Must Reads On Pricing a Product

Slidebean Pricing Case Study:

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