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SaaS Sales Funnel – 5 Strategies To Selling SaaS (Software as a Service)

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SaaS Sales Funnel – 5 Strategies To Selling SaaS (Software as a Service)


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01:14 Lead Generation
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Lead Generation
Generating leads is the most overlooked part of selling SaaS. Most people focus too much on how to close, but I found that if someone isn’t generating as many sales as they’d like, it’s because they are not getting enough meetings.
So whether you’re a young startup or work at a proven enterprise, you still need to generate leads. For your industry, you need to understand what works best, whether it’s a cold email, cold calling, LinkedIn, Trade Shows. Whatever it takes, you need to start with realizing who you want to sell to and find a consistent communication channel to keep reaching out to these prospects.

Qualify The Prospect
After you generate your first meeting, you need to qualify your prospect to make sure they are a fit to buy your product and service. This will be true if you are a sales development rep, business development rep, account executive, and even account manager. In SaaS Sales, tech sales, and software sales, you’re looking for specific pains that your solution can solve.

Pitch, Presentation, & Demo
Once you qualify the prospect and it’s clear for everyone that there is an apparent, obvious problem, this is the time you actually try to pitch your SaaS. Usually, if it’s software, it will be in the form of a demo. It could be PowerPoint with a mix of you sharing your screen and going into the software to show them exactly how the software is going to work

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