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Salesforce Is The #1 CRM Software — $CRM

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Salesforce Is The #1 CRM Software — $CRM

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Salesforce Is The #1 CRM Software — $CRM //// Let me show you how to sift through salesforce’s income statement and statement of cash flows to understand their financials. We can run my discounted cash flow model together to see if the stock is a buy or a sell.

0:00 Opening
0:23 High Level Company Detail
1:19 Financial Review
10:12 Capital Structure
10:53 Valuation Results
12:12 More info
14:15 Financial Ratios
16:27 Competitor Analysis
16:59 Closing


Discord: Z


Website I use to gather financial information: businessquant.com

CONTACT: financial.business.consultant.sr@gmail.com

This video is not investment advice. It is for entertainment purposes only. It is my opinion using publicly available information. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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