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SamCart Funnel HACKING! | GohighLevel Saas

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SamCart Funnel HACKING! | GohighLevel Saas


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In this video we see how samcart is running ads and how to apply it with gohighlevel saas mode. Webinar strategy are a great way to get more sign ups of your ghl saas. Truly recommend it to avoid doing highlevel saas demos.

What do you think of this strategy?

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0:00 Samcart Ads
0:45 Samcart Ad Copy
2:31 Samcart Video Ad
5:31 Samcart Webinar Landing
5:51 Samcart Webinar Landing Page Review
6:12 Samcart Webinar Registration
7:41 Samcart Webinar Thank You Page
8:16 Samcart Messenger Chatbot
8:32 Samcart Lead Magnet
9:59 Samcart Website Review
10:35 Samcart Biases

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