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Samit Vartak Clubhouse Session With Ishmohit Arora (SOIC Finance) | Masterclass With Samit Vartak

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Samit Vartak Clubhouse Session With Ishmohit Arora (SOIC Finance) | Masterclass With Samit Vartak

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Samit Vartak clubhouse session with Ishmohit Arora (SOIC Finance)

The best investing clubhouse session ever, Full Credit to Delhi Investors Association for arrange this clubhouse Session

Video Chapters:
00:00 sage one PMS Philosophy
03:10 Key criteria for filtering down stocks
10:59 – Probabilistic mindset and uncertainty in business
14:20 How to get 10X portfolio return
17:10 Company’s ability to gain market share(Mental model)
23:07 Different themes to play out in next 3-4 years
34:14 How will Samit Vartak play the real estate cycle
36:09 Financial & Auto sector view
40:45 SaaS companies view
45:00 When to sell (Most important question)
52:40 How important to stay in the market
58:58 How Samit Vartak manage client’s expectations
1:06:07 Key learning and advice to new investors
1:14:57 What Samit Vartak look uniquely in management
1:21:30 How to build a portfolio in a bull market
1:26:58 Cheap Nifty stocks vs Expensive Nifty stocks
1:32:52 Next performing sectors
1:36:35 Alpha in Largecap
1:41:02 Selection process for portfolio and other opportunities
1:47:55 How to value startups
1:51:08 Asset allocation to Disruptor
1:54:14 Views on Disruptor companies for next few years
1:57:09 Entry barrier
2:01:21 How to control behavior and emotion in investing
2:09:15 Cognitive Bias
2:12:40 AIF Process and Disclosures
2:19:23 Full process from Research ideas to invest in the stock
2:24:33 End

Master Investing playlist:
Masterclass with Vijay Kedia:
Value Investing –
Contrarian Value Investing –
How to pick stock –
How to manage Portfolio –

Company Analysis case studies: (Not a stock recommendation only for learnings)
1. ITC –
2. Nestle – (Saurabh Mukhejea)
3. Balkrishna Industries –
4. Rain Industries –
5. IEX –

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