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SCENARIO-BASED Interview Questions & Answers! (Pass a Situational Job Interview!)

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SCENARIO-BASED Interview Questions & Answers! (Pass a Situational Job Interview!)

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SCENARIO BASED Interview Questions & Answers by Richard McMunn of: /
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In this video, Richard McMunn will cover the following 4 key aspects to help you prepare for your job interview:

– An explanation of what scenario-based interview questions are and how to answer them correctly;
– A list of common scenario-based interview questions;
– Suggested ANSWERS to help pass your interview;
– Further resources to help you PASS your scenario-based job interview!

What are SCENARIO-BASED Interview Questions?
“Scenario-based and situational interview questionsassess how you would react to hypothetical situations in the future. They are usually designed to assess whether or not you have the necessary qualities to carry out the role you are being interviewed for.”

Behavioral interview questions: g
Situational interview questions: o

Q1. What would you do if your manager asked you to perform a task you’d never done before?
Q2. If you made a mistake at work that no one else noticed, what would you do?
Q3. You are working as part of a team and you notice two team members are constantly arguing. What would you?
Q4. What would you do if an angry or dissatisfied customer confronted you?
Q5. Your manager asks you to do something that is against organizational policy. What would you do?
Q6. You notice a work colleague is not pulling their weight and they appear to be demotivated. What would you do?
Q7. Your manager gives you constructive feedback on an area of your work and you don’t agree with what they have said. What would you say or do in this situation?
Q8. You notice a work colleague keeps making inappropriate remarks towards another member of staff. The person on the receiving end of the comments does not appear to be phased by the comments. What would you do?
Q9. One of your work colleagues keeps calling in sick and your manager continually asks you to cover for them. What would you do?
Q10. It’s 4:55pm on a Friday afternoon and you are getting ready to go home for the weekend, when your supervisor asks you to start work on an urgent task that cannot wait until Monday. The task will take you one hour to complete but you have plans for that evening and you need to get home. What would you do?
Q11. Your supervisor asks you to carry out a job to a lesser standard than you are used to. What would you say to them?
Q12. A co-worker is slow to respond to the information you need to carry out a specific task. What would you do?
Q13. Tell me how you’d approach a long-term project that needed to be completed within half the time?
Q14. Your supervisor asks you to work on a long-term project with a client you do not get on with. What would you do?
Q15. How would you respond to conflict with a co-worker?
Q16. Your manager asks you to do something that is above and beyond what is required within your role. What would you do?
Q17. How do you think you’d respond to working in stressful and pressurized situations?
Q18. How do you think you’d adapt to constant change in an organization?
Q19. If you make a mistake at work, how do you react to it?
Q20. If you carried out a task or project and you were not quite satisfied with the results, what would you do?

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