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SEO Strategy: Leverage the Power of Content Marketing to Boost Your SEO Efforts 👍

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SEO Strategy: Leverage the Power of Content Marketing to Boost Your SEO Efforts 👍

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Search Engine Optimisation is undoubtedly one of the best ways to improve your website’s organic rankings, driving higher traffic and increased profits for your business.

Content Marketing in 2018: A Quick Glimpse

Content marketing is a proven SEO strategy with lower up-front costs and impactful long-term benefits than paid search. 90% of global marketers are already leveraging content marketing to generate quality inbound links. With marketers pushing out content so much, you may wonder if content marketing is still important in 2018.

The answer is: Yes!

How to Kick-Start SEO with Dedicated Content Marketing

Find out the best strategies to use content marketing to boost your SEO efforts.

1. Focus on Keyword Research & Optimisation

It does not matter whether it is an article, blog, video or infographic, keywords matter. Keywords are one of the ways web crawlers and algorithms can determine what the content is about. Google still prioritises smart usage of the right keywords in content, especially in the title, description and alt tags. Marketers should take keyword research more seriously than ever, identifying and targeting all keywords that potential customers search for.

2. Visual Content Marketing

To attract and keep the readers engaged to your content, it is vital to add variations. People may get bored reading through typical black & white content and eventually exit the page, no matter how interesting the topic is. To avoid this, make the content a treat for the eyes while keeping its information value intact. Studies reveal that even search engines prefer content that has variations and are unique in a visually stunning manner.

3. Build Website Authority with Content Hubs

For your website to get first page rankings on search engines, it is not only vital to have relevant content, but it should be high-quality as well. Search engine algorithms give importance to content that is relevant to what people are searching for and deliver quality in diverse ways. Additionally, search engines also take into consideration the amount of quality content a website has to give quality score. So, having more numbers of relevant content gives your site higher authority and page ranking.

Creating content hubs is a good way to add several pieces of content that are relevant, high-quality and linked to each other. For instance, you are a green tea manufacturer and want to promote your product through a website. So, you could write an article that revolves around “green tea.” But to create authority, you could add more content to your site on various topics related to green tea. Examples are:

● Health benefits of green tea
● Green tea recipes
● Green tea for weight loss
● Benefits of green tea for skin
● Side effects of green tea

Once you have created the pages, you can link them together based on which one is more relevant to the other. The internal linking creates content hub that help promote website ranking without spamming.

4. Use Content Marketing for Quality Link Building

Do you know that content-rich websites can generate 97% more backlinks as compared to others having only a few pages? This is obvious because when you have more content on your website, others will have more choices to link to. Otherwise, why would someone link to your Home Page or About Us page! Actively creating content gives others an arsenal of information that may be interesting and useful to them.

Here are some ways to use content marketing for link building:

● Guest posting on top industry blogs: Create high-quality, strategic guest posts for leading industry blogs and get quality backlinks.

● Build content hubs: As mentioned above, content hubs having a series of relatable content, gives others plethora of choices to link to.

● Create and promote industry-rich resource: To build authority, create a content that is rich in valuable information than anyone else on a particular topic. It should be a go-to resource for everyone in the industry. And when they look at your content for information, they will link to it too.


Now that you know how effective content marketing can boost SEO, what will be your strategy to implement it? Use strategies that not only help create impactful content but would also kick-start your SEO results.

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