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Skincare Marketing: How to Boost Your Online Sales in 2020

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Skincare Marketing: How to Boost Your Online Sales in 2020

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Here are 11 skincare marketing tips that will make your creams, serums, and magic skin potions sell like crazy:

0:45 | Introduction
1:11 | 11 Tips to Boost Your Skincare Sales
1:37 | Showcasing converts
4:26 | Think about it
4:36 | Be trustworthy
6:06 | Content is key
7:11 | Get personal
8:55 | Give something back
9:20 | Before-and-afters are your best friend
9:51 | Customers = influencers
11:01 | Be real
11:35 | Be fun!
12:26 | Be active
12:55 | Offer great customer service
14:01 | Putting it all together

Showcasing converts
Correct showcasing of your products can make ALL the difference when selling online. Especially where skincare is concerned: images make clients fall in love with your products, 5-star reviews convince them that other users have tried and tested them, and correct categorization guarantees that it’s the right match for them.

Don’t forget!
The product image part is particularly important. Be sure to include plenty of images in each product page. If a client is able to see the product’s bottle or jar in great detail, to switch from different views and even be able to see the texture of the product, this can really help convince someone it’s the right product for them.

So be sure to take all the photos you may (or may not) need. Crack open the bottles and jars, show the product’s true face and your brand’s image. If you take too many photos and don’t use them for your website, you’ll always have extra content for your social media accounts!

Content marketing is another way to keep your customers coming back for more, as well as a cost-effective way to reach potential customers! Engaging content can make all the difference.

Expand your blog to themes other than skincare. Try fashion, beauty, relationships, psychology, or even horoscopes. You can even make a fun quiz where they’ll find out if they’re a gel or a cream-based moisturizer based on their personality. This is how you build an expert, 360º brand.

Personalized recommendations are EVERYTHING in a world that’s saturated by options: skin type, skin concern, skin conditions and even dermatological illnesses. In this day and age, people expect a custom solution to their problem, and they expect it pronto.

Loyal customers will keep coming back if they have something they can only get from you. You could start a rewards program, where a customer gets a certain discount after a defined number of purchases, a referral program, where they earn points or discounts for bringing friends over, a review program, where they can earn discounts or free products if they review your products.

Customers = influencers
Sometimes, you don’t need a famous person to sponsor your brand. Finding loyal customers who are actually interested in your products and have a varied amount of followers (albeit maybe not tens of thousands) can actually help your business grow in a better and more engaged way.

Be real
No stock photos or copycats here. Build your brand and make sure it does what it’s supposed to do: connect. Try to stay away from “basic” skincare branding and make sure that everything has your very own touch.

Be fun!
You can do more things than you imagined. Sharing Instagram stories and quizzes, launch live social media sessions, create webinars, and even make memes! The Internet makes everything fast-paced, but this also means that we can get more creative in the ways we interact with people.

Be active
Socially, of course. Contests, giveaways and brand alliances are an amazing way to get people to interact with your brand and get to know your products. Look for other companies that are related to your skincare line (Perhaps a beauty store to complement the look? Or even health supplements for glowy skin from the inside out?) and band together for a single message: a healthier you.

Offer great customer service
This is an extra tip. Try to be available “24/7” for your clients. We put this in quotation marks because we know it’s impossible to be available all day, every day. But try to answer your clients’ questions as soon as possible: great service and fast responses make people happy. Happy customers lead to better reviews, returning clients and more sales.

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