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Smartsheet Beginner Tutorial

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Smartsheet Beginner Tutorial

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Smartsheet Beginner Tutorial
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Start (0:00)
Introduction (0:03)
Introduction to Project Scheduling (1:03)
Creating New Workspaces and Projects (10:19)
Project Interface (13:23)
Project Settings (18:35)
Inserting Columns (20:34)
Parent/Child Relationships (21:41)
Adding Tasks (23:26)
Adding Milestones (25:42)
Adding Durations and Predecessors (27:12)
Adjusting Durations (29:14)
Assigning Tasks (31:18)
Setting Up Alerts (34:09)
Percent Complete & Status (38:49)
Cost (39:40)
Review (40:35)
Tagging Team Members in Comments (41:24)
Row Action Indicators (42:36)
Gantt View & Critical Path (43:02)
Card View (44:59)
Sharing (45:42)
Publishing (46:51)
Saving (49:45)
Navigating Back to Workspaces (50:13)
Conclusion (50:45)


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