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SmoothTalker Mobile RV X6 Cellular Booster Unboxing

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SmoothTalker Mobile RV X6 Cellular Booster Unboxing

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At CES 2017, SmoothTalker announced and began shipping their brand new LTE 4G cellular boosters. We’re excited to have new cellular boosters hitting the market!

They have sent us their mobile RVing 50db booster for evaluation.

This video is an unboxing with our initial thoughts on the product. Our product info page can be found at: r

For more on cellular boosters and the options out there:

Smoothtalker website:

We’ll be testing this new booster head-to-head against the weBoost 4G-X, HiBoost and Maximum Signal Max-Amp Mobile in early 2017 – and will be sharing our results first to the premium members of www.RVMobileInternet.com.


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