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Social Media eCommerce Marketing To Boost Sales & Engagement

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Social Media eCommerce Marketing To Boost Sales & Engagement

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In 2022, Social Media eCommerce Marketing will be the primary platform for e-commerce marketing.

In this video, I break down the platforms, and tools we are using for our Agency & my own eCommerce company.

There are so many options today for eCommerce Social Media Marketing, so identifying what will work, and what won’t is vital.

For eCommerce store owners, identifying Social Media Marketing as important is an understatement. For example, Instagram shops allow users to buy products from a business without ever leaving the app or visit their website. Hashtags will continue to be more important as they help customers find relevant items that match their needs and interests. AI chatbots will develop into a salesperson, providing customer service and answering questions about products available to purchase through Facebook Shops.

eCommerce and Social Media Marketing are like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together. But, figuring out how to apply the perfect layer of both, that’s where the magic happens.

– 0:00 – Intro
– 0:26 – Tip #1
– 2:50 – Tip #2
– 4:10 – Tip #3
– 5:30 – Tip #4
– 6:49 – Tip #5
– 8:04 – Tip #6
– 9:44 – Tip #7
– 10:59 – Most Important Tip

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