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Social Media Management Presentation VO mixdown

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Social Media Management Presentation VO mixdown

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“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

Henry Ford

Hi, my name is Juan Bazan, owner of Photographer In San Antonio. Today I will give a brief presentation of the #1 Social Media Content Strategy I use for my clients.

My key points are: what I stand for, my commitment in a nutshell, how to build social media relationships, how to boost your social media presence, what my clients say about me, what I want to reflect, the proposed social media content calendar, your pricing options, get to know me, and how to contact me.

I stand for the little guy—entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mom-and-pop businesses struggling to prevail in their aggressive markets. Time is of the essence, and with small businesses, human resources are limited. So my mission is to be a small business’s most reliable and valuable asset.

I aim to be the premiere human resource that creates a bold marketing campaign with beautiful images and videos, creative graphic design, and beautifully written copy to engage readers and establish the best first impression to potential and existing clientele. My goal is to create engagement with my clients’ customer base that will convert to more sales.

In a nutshell, my commitment to my clients is to create quality work, varied offerings of services, production efficiency, and excellent customer support.

I aim to build social media relationships by increasing my clients’ social media engagement by 98%.

This metric can be measured and given in a formal report along with other metrics.

I boost my clients’ social media presence by investing 10% of their monthly payments on social ads, creating automated social responses, creating exposure on additional platforms, and inviting my network of 25 thousand users to their network.

I take pride in my work and customer service, which is why I have a 5-star rating on Google.

My prices are fair and competitive in value. There may be some that charge less, but you get less. ROI is #1, which is why I strive to deliver more value.

Have you ever tried to reach out via phone call to an outsourced tech company from California that responds in snail mail? I have. And that is a poor form of communication because it takes the human element of voice inflection and face-to-face interaction. So that is why I am always available via phone or in person.

My reputation is #1, so I aim to be dependable, put my clients’ minds at ease, and assure them that I will meet and exceed their expectations and deliver results on time.

Integrity is key. That is why I always under-promise and over-deliver.

My objective is to create a new voice for my clients on social media by keeping modern, up-to-date posts pleasing to the eye with young and fresh designs.

So no templates here. Every one of my clients gets original work.

I keep all of my clients’ posts intelligent and refined, designed to engage with precision to their target audience.

There are two options for pricing for the #1 social media content strategy I use for clients, option A and option B.

With option A, you will get two weekly posts using any combination of the categories listed on the next page for $300. (8 posts total)

With option B, you will get three weekly posts using any combination of the categories listed on the next page for $500. (12 posts total)

The rollout of the proposed calendar month contains categories of social media posts.

For example, on Monday of week 1, I will post an educational post, Friday an inspirational post, and Sunday a promotional post.

On Tuesday, week 2, I will create a breaking news post about my client’s industry. Thursday will be an entertainment post, and Saturday will be an interactive post.

On Monday in week 3, I will create a survey about my clients’ industry; Wednesday, a behind-the-scenes video at the workplace; and Friday, end with a competition for my clients’ customer base.

Finally, on Sunday of Week 4, I will write a micro-blog; Tuesday, I will share a reviews post and end with a promotional post on Thursday.

My clientele is small business owners that need an experienced, multi-faceted, and knowledgeable marketing professional.

I am a certified search engine optimization and management expert through Google. I am a certified ad campaign manager and developer by Facebook. In addition, I am an experienced copywriter and keyword optimizer.

I am an experienced photographer, videographer, and digital designer as an adobe suite operator and an asset contributor.

Lastly, I am an innovative marketing idea machine. I am my clients’ ultimate resource for streamlining their marketing needs with creative solutions.

Are you looking for a social media content creator?

Call me today or fill out the form below to schedule a consultation.

Visit my website at www.photographerinsanantonio.com

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