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Softex Gym & Fitness Manager ERP & CRM

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Softex Gym & Fitness Manager ERP & CRM

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Intuitive and easy-to-use gym management system, this cloud-based system is designed to maximize business productivity in clubs of all sizes; fitness centers, gyms, and sports centers. It provides a set of reports and statistics that are indispensable for any training center.
The system can be used as a content management system as well, in conjunction with a mobile application or website.
It also helps the user directly in providing a high level of service to his customers, thus raising the efficiency and level of service.

Why work on a cloud database?

In the case of multiple branches, the least expenses. And in the case of a single branch, safety too.
– A registry of users with backup copies.
– No need for technical support.
– No need to purchase and update servers / databases.
– Get Automatic software updates.
– Multiple users of the system.
– Advantages of getting a website or a linked mobile application with the same data.

Gym Access Control 24/7 :

The cloud-based platform lets the members trigger a remote unlock.
Based on their subscriptions, only active members will be able to join.

Additional modules:

✅ Mobile application for marketing and services.
✅ Mobile application for coaches and members.
✅ Website / web portalu for members and coaches.
✅ Customer relationship management (CRM).
✅ Financial accounting system.
✅ Human Resources System HR.

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