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Software & Streaming Updates for DJs! | Denon Engine Prime, Traktor Pro, SoundCloud, Spotify…

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Software & Streaming Updates for DJs! | Denon Engine Prime, Traktor Pro, SoundCloud, Spotify…

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Good news for users of Denon’s Engine Prime software… especially Mac users: as of version 1.3.4, the app is officially Catalina compatible. So, if you’ve updated to the latest version of Mac OS, you should be covered.

Just as with any major OS update, many DJs have been hesitant to update to Catalina, for fear that it will mess up their music libraries, or that their DJ software will stop working. And, perhaps rightfully so… I’ve been bitten by this before. I performed an OS update on a laptop which my gig that evening relied on… and I learned that lesson really quick. Never make a major change before a gig! I was left with a library I couldn’t access. If you’ve ever had a similar experience, share it in the comments.

Anyway, they’ve also brought support for the Apple Music app… that is, the artist formerly known as iTunes. If you use that to maintain your digital music library, that integration is now supported.

And, the same can be said of Traktor Pro! As of the 3.3.0 release, comprehensive iTunes integration is featured. But, they also made several other additions, such as:

Plug-and-play integration of the XDJ-1000MK2 and XDJ-700, support for the new Pioneer DJM-V10 mixer (including automatic configuration of inputs and outputs), and custom over-mapping for the Kontrol S3.

They also made several bug fixes, including a volume problem where your headroom setting wasn’t applied to the preview deck, a problem where scratch-controlled decks would lose sync, and many more.

Moving over to Streaming news, SoundCloud announced last month that it received a $75m investment from Sirius XM. If you’ve been following Passionate DJ for a while, you’ve heard us talk many times about Soundcloud’s struggles over the past few years. But the brand actually saw a strong performance in 2019, with revenue turning over $200m. That’s in contrast to 2018, which brought in about half of that.

Kerry Trainor, SoundCloud CEO, says “We have an exciting roadmap focused on deepening the connections between creators and listeners that fuel creator discovery, career growth and the evolution of music culture,”. The company says that this new investment will accelerate its product development and enhance its services.

As it turns out, SoundCloud merged their advertising relationship in some way with Pandora (which is also owned by Sirius XM). As it turns out, this was the right move for the company, as it saw SoundCloud’s ad revenue grow by over 37%.

That being said, we aim our final sights on Spotify. The streaming giant is now enabling a sort of pay-to-play scheme which involves record labels and artists giving money to advertise their songs within its app. This is a complicated move for the company, which is already having wider talks over long-term music rights with the record companies.

According to the original report posted by Bloomberg, Spotify is:

“under pressure from investors to boost advertising sales and prove it can turn a profit. While Spotify’s main streaming business generated $6.1 billion in sales last year — the company loses money because most of its revenue goes right back to the music industry in the form of royalties.

Boosting ad sales has been a struggle. Spotify has more than 270 million total users, but its advertising business trails competitors of similar size. The company generated just $678 million in such revenue last year, less than what Twitter Inc. takes in every quarter.”

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