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Sprint Ads Are Terrible, and They’ve Been For Years

by admin
Sprint Ads Are Terrible, and They’ve Been For Years

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Sprint Advertisements have been pretty garbage for years, and they don’t seem to be letting up. In order to make a feeble and half-assed attempt at making change, I’ve compiled a bunch of reasons as to why people shouldn’t support these types of advertisements. Or you can look at it like any other person would, and this is just me complaining about something on the internet. No matter what, I thought it was worth it to make a video about. May not be a video up to my par, but I thought I’d give you something to chew on as well. Thanks for watching, and subscribe if you want.

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Any topic mentioned in these videos, that be it person, place, or thing, is not under direct scrutiny. Do not hunt down these people or send hate towards them. These videos are intended only for comedic purposes and should not be treated as fact or as a rallying cry for political change (unless I say they are in the video, but I doubt it).

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