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Starting a B2B SaaS Company

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Starting a B2B SaaS Company

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This out goes out to all the techies with an attitude – we’re SaaSing it up this week. Ben Milne, Founder and Chairman of Dwolla, and Jordan Husney, Co-Founder and CEO of Parabol, join Amy Tom to chat about how they started their B2B SaaS companies.

On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast:

– When did Ben found Dwolla (for the first time – lol entrepreneur life) and when did Jordan start Parabol? 🤘(01:27)
– Ben talks about how he started his entrepreneurial journey in high school (03:11) and Jordan recalls his young entrepreneurial journey as well 🥺 (06:35)
– Is post-secondary education recommended for entrepreneurship? (11:11)
– The epiphany that led Jordan to Parabol (16:41)
– Why did Ben start Dwolla? (20:17)
– Do CEOs start a company with the intention of selling it eventually? (28:56)
– Are there certain types of people that make better CEOs than others? (34:58)

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Connect with Ben and Jordan:

– Check out Jordan’s work at [Parabol.co](
– Check out Ben’s work at [Dwolla.com](

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