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STOP ✋ Hitting “Boost Post” on Facebook (Do This Instead!)

by admin
STOP ✋ Hitting “Boost Post” on Facebook (Do This Instead!)

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STOP boosting those Facebook posts… #BoostPost = Money Wasted! What should you do instead? I’m going to show you how to properly boost post on #Facebook.

This video will show you everything you need to know about Facebook’s “Boost Post” function. Specifically, you’ll learn how to replace money-wasting “Boost Post” with Ads Manager instead (Easily).

At 0:26, you will learn why Facebook launched “Boost Post” (Previously known as “Promote”), what Boost Post actually does and the real cost of using it at 1:37.

At 2:05, we will touch on Facebook Ads, how to promote a post using Sponsored Post method with Ads Manager (There are at least 3 ways to access Ads Manager!).

I’ve found that — Using Promoted Ad instead of Boost Post will allow you to show customised advertisements to target audience better at 2:38.

Be prepared for a better click-through-rate and cost-per-click!

Last up, we have a bonus tip:

How to edit a promoted post!?

Once you’ve boosted a post, there’s “no way” to remove or change the post.. right?

Well, no really.

There’s actually a way to remove/cancel/replace boost post ad.

This tip at 3:49 will save you from all the headaches without losing any social proof gained.

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