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Stripe Checkout

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Stripe Checkout


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In this edition CJ Avilla and Mari Puncel cover the newest features of Stripe Checkout, build an integration with node.js, and cover some best practices.

### Presenters

Mari Puncel, Engineering Manager @ Stripe
CJ Avilla, Developer Advocate @ Stripe – v

### Table of contents

00:05 – Introduction
01:20 – Overview of Stripe Checkout
04:22 – Implementation review
06:15 – Install developer-office-hours Stripe sample
08:13 – Create Checkout Session
11:21 – Inventory modeling
15:35 – Set up frontend
20:41 – Add success page
25:05 – Expand line items
28:13 – Refactor to collect recurring payments
29:10 – Fixed tax rates
30:58 – Dynamic tax rates
33:30 – Coupons, promotion codes, and discounts
37:22 – Wire webhook handler
40:55 – Conclusion

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### Feedback

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