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SWAK na FB Ads Campaign Combo sa mga nagbo-boost post!

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SWAK na FB Ads Campaign Combo sa mga nagbo-boost post!

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Discussion Points:

1.) Awareness, the primary objective of integrated marketing communications, is the recommended focus of businesses or products in their early life stages. Advertising online to improve awareness is what’s highlighted in this video.

2.) It is better to create and manage campaigns via Facebook Ads Manager vs regular boost posting on Facebook page timelines.

3.) Different business objectives can be achieved using a campaign or a combination of two or more in Facebook Ads Manager, despite a limited budget and with dependence on the business type or industry to be promoted.

4.) Testing different campaigns within a certain timeline can help the business evaluate better Facebook marketing approaches subsequently.


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Disclaimer: This video is created as a requirement for the Integrated Marketing Communications course in DLSU’s Master of Marketing Communications program.

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