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T-Series vs. Youtube Music (& PewDiePie to 99M) LIVE Sub Count

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T-Series vs. Youtube Music (& PewDiePie to 99M) LIVE Sub Count

Livestream of T-Series vs. Music (and PewDiePie) & Ninja vs. Shawn Mendes subscriber counts.

The final “channel” for T-Series to pass is Youtube Music for it to become the undisputed largest channel on all of Youtube. It’s only a matter of time before T-Series accomplishes this historic feat. PewDiePie is also on the road to 99 and 100 million subscribers.

Also featuring Ninja vs. Shawn Mendes sub counts.

Ninja is the most followed Twitch streamer, but he has recently moved to Mixer. The news of this change gave him a boost in Youtube subscribers for a few days. But Shawn Mendes’ channel is still growing much faster, due to the major hit single Señorita, and will likely pass Ninja very soon.

There’s no drama in this, it’s strictly for entertainment purposes!

Also featuring live sub counts of MyTraple vs. grumpy pancake, Bugha, and video view counters of PewDiePie and MrBeast! If you like sub count battle videos, be sure to check out our time lapse videos!

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Special thanks to uauzairahmed on Fiverr for making the sub gap graph!

Music mostly by NoCopyrightSounds

This stream is just for entertainment and educational purposes. Please do not spread hate towards either side!

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