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TALKING SALES 73: “LinkedIn vs CRM” – Tony Hughes

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TALKING SALES 73: “LinkedIn vs CRM” – Tony Hughes

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“Is LinkedIn threatening our CRM implementations?” – interview by John Smibert.

The emergence if LinkedIn as the predominate social media platform for professional business people is potentially disrupting many sales practices and sales software offerings. In this interview Tony Hughes addresses this question relative to CRM in particularly.

Tony says that “LinkedIn has the heart, souls and minds of salespeople, and CRM does not”. He points out that salespeople feel their “their contacts and relationships and prospects and pipeline belong to them more than they do their employer”. Therefore they feel LinkedIn serves them better than their CRM.

Tony goes on to say that there is a role for both – both create value. Organisations need to understand how they can extract this value. He talks about how they need to deploy both in a way that recognises the unique value and position of each

Tony is a leading author and keynote speaker in the word of B2B sales and sales leadership. He is well known for his strategic selling book “The Joshua Principle” and for the RSVPselling methodology.

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