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Terraboost Media Las Vegas

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Terraboost Media Las Vegas

By partnering with leading Supermarket and Drugstore chains, Airports, Health Clubs & Shopping Malls, Terraboost has amassed an exclusive media network of 200 million daily visitors, where advertisers are able to build real connection with an engaged audience via affordable display advertising solutions while sponsoring health & wellness.

70,000 sponsorship locations are available to select from across all 50 US States, built to provide high-engagement, affordable display advertising.

Exclusive Solutions by Terraboost®
Form and deepen real connections with the people who love your brand, by leveraging Terraboost’s unique advertising network. Let us show you how.

Embrace your community while also growing your business. Local connections are formed every day with Terraboost.

National advertisers around the world
National growth starts at the local level. Create national awareness through hyper-local advertisements.

local business enterprise
Unique needs require custom solutions. Terraboost is available almost anywhere meaningful impressions are needed.


Terraboost’s advertising solutions are more targeted than traditional advertising channels, as well as significantly more affordable display advertising.

*A cost per thousand of $2.40 means you’ll generate more than 4 impressions per 1 cent an ad spend, on average. Cost can drop to 10 views per penny on some of our larger campaigns of several hundred billboards.

“I signed up for ads on two Premium wipe dispensers. I am happy that I did! I have had excellent feedback and a countless number of people tell me that they shop with me at Safeway. Many colleagues tell me that it is a brilliant strategy and wish they had thought of it. I highly recommend advertising on these hand sanitizing billboards.”
Craig Jelinec
Sereno Group

“I have had an ad through Terraboost for six months now. They were very easy to work with and their communication has been terrific. They had very clear specifications as to what they needed from me, offered help on the artwork and then placed the ad at the agreed upon location faster than expected.”
Abigail Mori
Real Estate Agent

“Our dental practice is in a highly competitive area and we needed an affordable, sustainable and effective ad program. We have had many new patients directly attributable to the sanitary wipe billboard campaign. We even have patients sending us posed images next to our billboard ad.”
Dr. Tane Rontal

“I’ve been using the Terraboost Advertising Billboards since last year and I’ve already signed up for more ads. I am in 2 Supermarkets and waiting for a third. I find their advertising solution extremely effective. The staff very helpful both on the phone and in person. The follow up is fantastic. They are very accountable and committed to their work.”
Ellen Rose
Long Realty West Valley

“The campaign is doing really great. They had a ton of comments and sightings of the Pharmacy and Grocery postings….VERY happy with all of it. The client is really happy and thinks the campaign will continue for at least 2-3 more years….which is AWESOME!”
Keith Kane
Graf Media Group

(877) 837-7210

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