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The Appanzee Business Bundle

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The Appanzee Business Bundle

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You’re a business owner, or maybe you help run a business. You’ve brought your product to market, but along with that product came keeping track of your Inventory, Assets, Sales Pipeline, as well as your Staff and their Tasks. With all of that overhead work, you’re spending more time looking at numbers than actually running your business.

You’ve tried enterprise software, but who really uses all of these features? Ease of use suffers when you have to shuffle between different HR, CRM, Inventory, and Work Management platforms, plus the price is no longer right!

So you’re back to the good old spreadsheet. Only your spreadsheets have gotten a bit too bulky, and is this the most up to date version, or is it buried in your inbox?

Let’s see how the Appanzee Business Bundle can help you run and manage your business better.

The Appanzee Business Bundle is a package of apps from Appanzee’s extensive library hand-picked to help you run and manage your business end-to-end. All you have to do to get started is add The Appanzee Business Bundle to your existing Organization, and you’re ready run your business with apps like:

Finances, to keep tabs on revenue and expenses,

Sales, to manage your sales funnel,

Tasks, to organize your team’s work,

Inventory, to track what you have on hand, and what you need to re-order

All of your apps are integrated with each other, so to-dos in the Tasks app are assigned to staff from the Staff app, and leads in the Sales app are related to customers from the Company Profile app.

Here’s how it works: when you click into an entry in any one of your apps, you can immediately see all the related data from any connected apps. For example, in the Staff app, you can see not only Staff information, but also:

Equipment issued in the Asset Tracking App,

Stock reviews assigned in the Inventory app, and

Opportunities assigned in the Sales app

Click on one of the apps to get started. You can import data from your existing spreadsheets to avoid wasting time with data entry. Dashboards give you just the high-level highlights, and you can click into visualizations to drill down into the relevant data.

Your data is securely stored on the cloud in your own private database, regularly backed up. You can also export your data to have your own copies in seconds.

Let the platform take the form of your business, not the other way around. The Appanzee Business Bundle is built on the Appanzee low-code platform so the fields, entities, and apps are customizable to meet your exact needs.

If you have any extra requirements, you can even make new apps from scratch and integrate them with your other apps, letting the platform grow with your business.

Upgrade your business to apps with The Appanzee Business Bundle.

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