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The Benefits of Retargeting for Any Marketing Funnel

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The Benefits of Retargeting for Any Marketing Funnel

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Have you ever noticed, when you visit a website.. it suddenly seems to be following you everywhere… From Google to Facebook, from news websites to YouTube. Like a crazy lover. No matter where you are, they stalk you everywhere!

It’s not a coincidence, it’s Retargeting!

They are there for reminding you what you were looking at.. and trying to convince you to buy their products or services. So how does Retargeting actually work? and why should you invest in it?

In this video, I am going to talk about what is retargeting and how retargeting works and also discuss some valid reasons why you should invest in Retargeting.

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0:50 – What Is Retargeting?
4:58 – Retargeting Offers high Conversion Rates
5:27 – Retargeting Helps You Reach The Right Audience
5:57 – Lower Online Advertising And Cost Per Action Cost
6:15 – Retargeting Has Excellent Timing
7:02 – Retargeting Reduces Cart Abandonment

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