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The BRRRR Strategy Explained and Improved.

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The BRRRR Strategy Explained and Improved.

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It is true that most things in life can change with one little tweak. That’s how I built my $26 million rental portfolio – by learning the BRRRR method and making that small tweak that made the difference.

Watch this video to better understand the BRRRR method, what we changed, and how you can use it to build your own rental portfolio and scale it to millions like I did!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

[00:00] Introduction
[01:02] What did I tweak in the BRRRR method?
[02:24] A real life example using the BRRRS method
[05:15] Systems
[06:33] Coaching
[07:43] Action
[08:13] Leads
[08:51] Extra Funding
[09:25] How do you successfully scale and create financial freedom?


“This video is for people who wanna create financial freedom, have the ability to quit their job if they want, have the ability to retire when they want to – basically, it’s for people that wanna control their future. This is not for people who want to buy a house every 10 years.”

“This is a process that I have done over and over, improved, and made better.”

“What people know as the BRRRR method stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat. I took the Repeat out and changed it to Scale because I think most people want to scale, they don’t want to just go back and do what they did.”

“This method not only is a way to grow and buy rentals and scale, but it’s a way to never put a 20% down ever.”

“This initial lender can be a hard money lender, private money lender, your cash – it could be a lot of different things.”

“You need to create systems around every step. You need to create systems around buying houses at a discount, rehabbing houses, getting houses rented quickly, and refinancing with the bank.”

“It’s very naive of me and you to think that we can do this on our own, so you need to get coaching if you want to scale.”

“You need to take action. You can’t just sit back and analyze.”

“You’re gonna do most of your learning by taking action and actually going out and doing it.”

“The difference between successful people and not successful people is literally pretty much only taking action. Successful people aren’t always smarter, they usually don’t come from more money, they usually don’t have a huge leg up – it’s usually because they take action.”

“You have to increase your lead flow if you want to buy more houses.”

“If you wanna buy 10 houses in 2022, you can, but you’re probably gonna have to look at 50-75. You’re not gonna look at 10 houses.”

“If you wanna buy 10 houses this year, you do not have to spend a dollar on marketing. Just network with real estate agents and wholesalers.”

“You need extra funding. You can’t let money be a reason why you can’t buy a deal.”

“Don’t just use one. Have four or five hard money and private money lenders you can pick and choose from.”

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