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The Power of HighLevel + Automated Facebook Ads

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The Power of HighLevel + Automated Facebook Ads

Get Your Free 14 Day Trial Of HighLevel Here!!

Go to for a 14-Day free trial, no card required.

Agencies who use UpHex to automate their lead gen are able to:

… Run campaigns in 3 clicks (takes seconds) compared to Ads Manager which is manual and take way more time.

…Have instant access to our library of proven ad templates (Pre-built Facebook Campaigns) 18+ Niches and growing. See full list at www.uphex.com

…Can scale their growth without adding any additional staff. 1 person can do the work of 3-4.

…And are even able to offer DIY marketing to their customers right from HighLevel (if they choose… not required)

To see the full HighLevel Spotlight and see UpHex in action, click here: 8

Also, if you’re an agency…

Here’s some helpful links and free resources:

To learn more about how UpHex works directly from GHL, go to: /

To see how to use UpHex without GHL: m

Interested in HighLevel? Go here: />
Want to learn how to run lead generation campaigns like a pro? />
Hit us up at our group to rub shoulders with the best Agencies in the business.

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