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The PROVEN 5 Step Contest Marketing Plan (Step 5 Ensures You Go Viral!)

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The PROVEN 5 Step Contest Marketing Plan (Step 5 Ensures You Go Viral!)

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Contest marketing is all the rage today, but to do it effectively, you have to have a solid plan.

This video gives the PROVEN 5 step contest marketing plan we use in our digital marketing agency. If you use these steps, you’ll be guaranteed to run a contest your audience loves and – better yet – participates in.

The first four steps are absolutely critical to contest marketing success, but step 5 will truly put your contest on steroids and could make it go viral if that’s what you want.

Step 1: Know exactly what business goal you want the contest to work toward. You have to know the end from the beginning.

Step 2: Know your audience, where the hang out on line and target them there. Unless your contest goes viral, winning a brand new audience with a contest is extremely difficult. Go where the fish are instead of trying to bring them to you.

Step 3: Make sure your contest incentives and prizes are meaningful to your audience/contestants and that won’t break the bank for you.

Step 4: Run the contest in a way that’s manageable for and cost effective for you. There are many tools and websites to help you administer a contest. But if you’re on a shoestring, you can do it manually too…you have to do what makes sense for your business. It’s much better to take action with a manual contest than spend weeks or months evaluating and choosing the perfect tool to run it with.

Step 5: Find influencers in your market or people who are celebrities to your audience and approach them to push your contest. Getting one or two influencers with a big audience (or even a smaller, but highly-relevant audience) to promote a contest can make it go viral. Just make sure you’re ready in case it does!

If you have experience with a contest management platform (good or bad), please leave a comment so we can all benefit from your experience.

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