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The Ultimate Advice For Every Integrative Health Practitioner | Big Boost Marketing

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The Ultimate Advice For Every Integrative Health Practitioner | Big Boost Marketing

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https://bigboost.marketing | I’m not a practitioner myself having run a practice but I’ve been in healthcare for over 20 years.

First in big pharma and then working as a marketing technologist with many of today’s leader in the ecosystem from the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Evolution of Medicine, as well as hundreds of practitioners in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. And in order for you to get more predictability in your practice, to get more predictability in terms of new patient onboarding each week, knowing that a certain ad spend turns into a predictable number of new leads, you need a couple things to have in place.

#1, you need to be really clear on the problem that your audience is willing to pay you money for. And so once you get clear on this, what is it actually that they’re willing to pay you money for, how much money are they willing to spend on it, and what is it exactly that you help them resolve. Once you have clarity on that, that’s really the first step that you need to put in play.

#2, you need to create a signature program around it that delivers that result. So for a lot of you, it maybe an essentials program, maybe it’s a metabolic reset program to help people with their metabolic health and weight loss. Whatever it is, you have to have a structure, a container in place that’s easy for you to explain to prospective patients what it is that you’re proposing that will help you give them the result that they’re looking for.

#3, you need to charge appropriately for that package and what I find is oftentimes that practitioners are charging not enough for their services, for the value that they provide and what that translates into that they’re not having enough money to do the marketing. So paying Facebook and Instagram every week to create that predictable flow of new patients and so this is really critical to look over. How much are you charging? Are you charging enough? And how can you create more value for your prospective patients and your patients so that they actually interact with you?

#4 you need to have predictable flow of new patients coming in from paid media, paid advertising, and you can’t rely on just posting a little bit on social media, posting on your blog, and hoping that’s enough to create a consistent flow of new patients. What you really need to do is spend a certain amount, not a lot, on Facebook and Instagram every week to get your content out to the right audience in your zip code. So for instance if you wanted to reach women 40 to 65 in a 20 mile radius around your practice, you could run ads for let’s say five dollars a day to promote the blog content, the social media content that you put already out there and get them to know, like, and trust you and your practice.

Now, before you actually start spending money on Facebook you need ingredient #5 and that is having a patient acquisition funnel in place. So, it’s not enough to post on your website and social media. What you also have to in place is a way to capture those website visitors because we know that only two percent of first time visitors actually are signing up for your service or for a phone consultation. So we need to serve the 98% of other visitors and the way we do this is by providing what we call lead magnets that get them on your mailing list and then once they’re on the mailing list have a short email sequence that nurtures them to the point where they know, love, and trust you enough to schedule that phone consultation.

And then ingredient #6 is that you need to have that phone consultation. Now, I know a lot of you are concerned about spending too much time on the phone but the idea is that your prospects are probably not comfortable enough to go straight from an email sequence to giving you money for a paid first consultation unless they have been personally referred to you.

So what you need to provide to them is a way to test the waters, to speak with you, to find out if you are indeed the right fit for them, and that happens on free phone consultation and that phone consultation is really designed to get them from being an email subscriber to paying for that first initial visit. We’re not selling them on the entire package but you should just focus on getting them comfortable enough to have a second look at their case.

So the idea behind that phone consultation is to create enough comfort level that they’re signing up for a paid first consult where you go over their case, where you review their past lab reports, and everything else that may be relevant to their health history, and then come up with a game plan.

It’s only at the end of that paid first visit that you then have that conversation whether they wanna continue care with you through your signature program that we discussed in ingredient number two.


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