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The Ultimate In-depth HubSpot CRM Demo

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The Ultimate In-depth HubSpot CRM Demo

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Wondering what features HubSpot offers? In this HubSpot CRM demo, we help you with understanding HubSpot, how you may want to use the HubSpot tools, and a variety of things to consider with this popular CRM platform.

This CRM demo video reviews key features associated with HubSpot CRM Free, with mention of additional features further down the line.

Time Stamps:
0:14 – Introduction to HubSpot CRM
0:45 – Dashboard Overview
2:00 – Contacts/Companies
4:30 – Static and Active Lists
7:15 – HubSpot Lifecycle Stages
8:41 – Conversations Tab Overview
9:56 – Email Templates in the HubSpot CRM
10:57 – Snippets
11:41 – HubSpot Ads Tool
12:00 – Email Campaigns
13:40 – Marketing Forms and Automation
14:25 – HubSpot Sales Deal Stages
16:09 – Test Deal Stage Demo
17:39 – HubSpot Tasks
18:40 – Documents Feature
19:42 – HubSpot Meetings
20:43 – Service Tickets
21:10 – Automation
21:48 – HubSpot Analytics Tools
22:48 – Conclusion

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