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Tony M’s Review – Marketing Boost

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Tony M’s Review – Marketing Boost

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My name TonyM , We are a marketing agency. We provide local businesses AECOM stores different solutions to increase their sales and marketing.

So we use I found this platform literally two years ago. I love traveling myself. Stuff like this is a no brainer to figure out how to offer something as a value to the potential customers or clients.

This is awesome. I can offer something like this to my clients and also increase my revenue by bringing on clients who might be interested in something like this.

So I pretty much use to generate leads for my customers because I’m an agency I want stand different from another agency.

We always talk about offering some kind of incentive for sales or an opt in forum or site visit or a tour as a real estate agent. So I use this promotion which doesn’t cost them anything.

I use this as a package deal. For my consulting services and clients are paying me pretty heavily because they see the results that I’m bringing in and it doesn’t cost them anything.

That’s the coolest part that I had to figure out what kind of free offer free tools or paper like iPads or something like that which cost him a ton of money.

I bring in value with this product marketing goods and they see the result they’re like blown away. I didn’t really have any skeptical issues or any like that I wasn’t skeptical about this product solution.

So I obtained lots help with marketing does. 18 like hundred seventy five thousand dollars and I’ve gained more customers for my own agency through this platform. So it’s a really great tool.

I highly recommend it. I could offer like a hey let me do a free consultation. If you’re not happy with it I could still throw in a three day vacation or a five day camping trip for free. And it’s like an open door to getting into a company or a decision maker or something like that.

I really build my own Facebook group with it so it’s like a leader coming in on an auto pilot for me. Like a lot of referrals come in and the business owners that I’m working with already they’re like Man this guy I got some unique features and tools Let’s recommend him for other businesses that he and he or she would know.

So I’ve been getting a lot of referrals. I created a partner network system within my own circle and a community that I’m building through Facebook through Facebook groups and chats and stuff like that and where they refer me a business or a client.

I get to sit down with them do a whole marketing proposal with them and they see that and they’re like wow this is awesome. I never would love to try it. And I’ve been able to close a ton of ton of sales tons of leads for my own company.

So the stress level of finding new clients all the time or hey how what can I offer something that’s different kind of unique proposition. What are those strategies.

You know I don’t worry about any of that with marketing boots. It lets me do that.

No one else is offering them.

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