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Top 10 Wide Moat Stocks to Buy Now

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Top 10 Wide Moat Stocks to Buy Now


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⚠️ JOIN US!: Want to invest like Warren Buffett? Let’s explore top moat stocks to buy now. These 10 stocks have wide economic moats and add stability to any investing portfolio. Historically, a moat protected medieval castles from enemy invasion. The term economic moat was made popular by Warren Buffett, and it refers to the competitive advantages a business has to protect its future long-term profitability.The video below teaches you the definition of an economic moat and covers the top 10 wide-moat stocks to buy now.

00:00 Introduction
00:53 What is a moat stock? Wide economic moat stocks
06:06 Microsoft stock MSFT stock
07:34 MercadoLibre stock MELI stock
08:20 ServiceNow stock NOW stock
10:15 Amazon stock AMZN stock
11:32 Veeva Systems stock Veeva stock VEEV stock
12:38 SalesForce stock CRM stock
14:15 Apple stock AAPL stock
15:09 Google stock Alphabet stock GOOG stock GOOGL stock
16:34 Intuitive Surgical stock ISRG stock
17:18 Disney stock DIS stock
18:41 Moat stocks BONUS PICKS NVDA stock GWRE stock BA stock LRCX stock ETSY stock ADBE stock TSLA stock

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