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Traffic Booster – eCommerce Advertising Powered By AI

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Traffic Booster – eCommerce Advertising Powered By AI

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Traffic Booster offers the perfect blend of expert eCommerce PPC support and unique AI technology for automating your Google, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns. Simply put, StoreYa’s team of marketing experts will create personalized ad campaigns for your store, while their unique algorithm automatically optimizes them to peak performance.

Designed to drive the most targeted customers to the most relevant product page at the lowest cost possible, Traffic Booster manages and optimizes your Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Remarketing, Smart Display, and Facebook and Instagram Acquisition and Retargeting ads, so that you don’t have to.

Created by former eCommerce owners and expert PPC managers, StoreYa’s founding team understands the day-to-day struggles that you face. This first-hand knowledge of these common difficulties – such as lack of workforce, budget, and resources – leads to the development and launch of the Traffic Booster app.

Since launching in 2012, StoreYa now assists over 400,000 retailers, entrepreneurs and innovators, just like you, streamline, manage and optimize their Google and Facebook ads. Ultimately, helping them get the optimum ROAS for their PPC marketing strategies and scaling their eCommerce businesses to 8-figures.

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