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Turning Leads into Customers with Shaun Clark, High Level

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Turning Leads into Customers with Shaun Clark, High Level

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In this episode, A.J. and Shaun Clark, Co-Founder of High Level, discuss how lead nurturing can solve the biggest problem of every small business: getting clients.

You’ll learn how Shaun overcame the biggest challenge bootstrapped founders face in growing their business, as well as the role High Level plays in converting leads to customers.

• How Shaun came up with the idea for his company, High Level – 05:59
• The biggest challenge bootstrapped SaaS founders face in growing their business – 13:11
• Shaun’s business growth strategy for High Level – 14:06
• The benefits that an agency provides to small businesses – 18:35
• Where most businesses go wrong in their lead generation process and how High Level can help – 22:50
• Why Shaun sees the High Level community as the company’s biggest asset – 26:40
• A business model focused on actual conversions, not just clicks (a walkthrough of how the High Level platform works) – 29:07
• Building a business piece by piece versus all at once – 35:58
• This is what the future of lead nurturing will look like – 39:00
• How founding a bootstrapped company helps you better understand your customers – 46:43
• What building a legacy means to Shaun – 48:08
• A.J.’s key takeaways – 53:59

Shaun Clark is the co-founder of High Level. High Level offers a full suite of services to clients to help them turn leads into customers. His product is focused on conversions rather than clicks. Previously, Shaun founded InvoiceSherpa among other businesses. He used his past experiences to inform his current journey, helping businesses do what is most important to them: get clients.

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