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Udemy Instructor Revenue Share Changes! No More 50%!!! #Shorts

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Udemy Instructor Revenue Share Changes! No More 50%!!! #Shorts

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Udemy Instructor Revenue Share Changes and you will get No More 50% for Organic Sales!!! Only 37%! But… You will also earn 37% from Udemy Ads and Udemy Affiliate Sales, up from 25%!!!
What does it mean for you? Will you earn less? Actually not. On the contrary, you might earn more!

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Hi, My name is Nick Nyxson and I am a full-time online instructor, streamer, and Entrepreneur.
Mind that everything in this video is based on my personal opinions and experiences which may be different from yours.

Everything about content creation of YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, Making Money Online and Much More!

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