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Up Your Game: How to Boost Your Mobile Game App Competitiveness

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Up Your Game: How to Boost Your Mobile Game App Competitiveness

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2021 was marked by a major boom in the mobile game industry: according to Data.ai, there were recorded 82.98B game downloads in 2021 and consumer spending on games reached $116B.

In the highly competitive market, the gaming app’s success lies in the cohesive marketing strategy that covers the whole consumer cycle, from user acquisition, conversion into a paying user to long-term customer loyalty.

In this webinar, Pushwoosh and DCI, an award-winning game app marketing agency, share their expertise in gaming app marketing. Keeping an eye on trends and changing consumer behavior, they talk about:

– How to balance organic and paid user acquisition channels to reach the top of mobile games.
– Sure-win ways to engage app users, keep them active and convert into paying users.
– The optimal ways to monetize your gaming app.

Watch this free webinar and seize the next big gaming opportunity!

Webinar agenda
00:00 Webinar introduction
02:00 Boom of the Gaming App Industry & Challenges for App Marketers
06:08 User Acquisition
09:21 App Store Optimization for Gaming Apps
17:36 User Acquisition: Success Case
19:25 Influencer Marketing
22:47 Generate User Reviews & Ratings
23:38 User Engagement
26:02 Enrich Onboarding Experience
29:35 Enhance User Activity
33:05 App User Engagement: Success Case
35:45 User Activation & Retention
39:22 User Activation: Success Case
43:28 Game App Monetization
50:33 Convert Gamers into Paying Users
52:50 Questions

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