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Value Proposition Canvas for SaaS Business: Introduction

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Value Proposition Canvas for SaaS Business: Introduction

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Successful companies create value propositions that sell, embedded in business models that work. Remarkable companies do so continuously.
In this session, we will zoom in on how SaaS companies are creating value for customers and ultimately enables an organization to capture value – and continues to do so…
We will explore how to work with- & define existing as well as new value propositions of a SaaS company with an offset in the Value Proposition Canvas. This will be shown through Microsoft-led examples and value propositions of our existing partners.
You achieve business model fit when the customer profile meets the value map of your SaaS offering. And you achieve strategic fit when your (portfolio of) value proposition(s) aligns with your corporate identity.
But what to do with a great, newfound value proposition if it doesn’t?
Chances are that your value proposition needs to be refined or enhanced over time, even if avoiding all the pitfalls. And shifting business models while running is not easy.
Now, you sit with a well-defined value proposition in a smooth PowerPoint presentation. Is it time to press the R&D gas pedal and start developing? You can, but most SaaS guru’s will also point to testing. And with good reason.
We’ll briefly touch on relevant test approaches for SaaS value propositions, and later on, how to test your MVP with Microsoft

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