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Video Boost – Get More Views

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Video Boost – Get More Views

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Get a video boost by combining trends.google.com with the BlasterOnline App. In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to get more views at YouTube.com for your video releases.

1. Learn how to do FAST keyword research for front page YouTube results using the combination of trends.google.com & blasteronline.com (Use this discount code and then upgrade to PRO to get the Niche Tool:

2. Choose your video title and subtitle based the best keywords. (Mine: Video Boost: Get More Views)

3. Include your keywords in your title, subtitle, description, keywords, actual video content (ie – you say the keywords during your video presentation) as well as include the text in your cover art .jpg name. (ie – Video Boost – Get More Views.jpg)

This video is part of the Content Marketing Strategies series for Featured Christian Women Speakers at www.WomenSpeakers.com, and part of their private Boost Event. If you are a Christian Female Speaker, join us at www.WomenSpeakers.com/join.

Marnie Swedberg is an author, speaker and radio talk show host. She shares simple, practical, biblical and perspective transforming success principles for God-lovers everywhere. A courage-and-clarity consultant, she generates “aha” moments via her books, weekly broadcasts and coach certification program. Marnie is also the founder and director of www.WomenSpeakers.com, the largest online directory of its kind in the world. www.Marnie.com

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