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Video SEO Marketing – Boost your Sales with Videos and SEO

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Video SEO Marketing – Boost your Sales with Videos and SEO

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1 – Generate Millions of SEO Videos,
2 – Distribute them on 1000s of Video Platforms
3 – Maximize your views, clicks and sales.
4 – Use the videos on your site to boost your views

Sell more products online thanks to the AdStormer Video SEO Marketing Solutions. (Video SEO = vSEO = Video Référencement)

Our team of SEO and Audio Visual Experts will help you boost your e-Shop.

What is Video SEO ?

Video SEO is a web marketing strategy that consists in positioning E-Commerce Content in video in the Google Search Result Pages.

Video SEO (vSEO) can be direct or indirect :
– Video SEO can help you position your offers with Youtube pages in Google.
– Video SEO can also be indirect : Take advantage of the effects of Backlinks to transfer some Google Juice to the deepest pages of your conversion funnel !

Real SEO backlinks are not available on Youtube. But AdStormer do propose SEO-Friendly links on some sites from its Video Portals network.

There is another kind of Video SEO : When you deliver video content on your own site, you will get High-CTR thumbnails in the Google Search Result Pages.

Click through Rate being taken into account in the Google algo, when users click more on your links, your pages are likely to go up in the rankings.

This is the last step of the marketing strategy we deploy with our customers.

Contact us through Youtube for more information !

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