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VLOOKUP Tutorial for Excel – Everything You Need To Know

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VLOOKUP Tutorial for Excel – Everything You Need To Know

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In this video I explain everything you need to know to get started with VLOOKUP for Excel. Download the Excel file: x
This tutorial is a follow-along lesson where you will learn to write Vlookup formulas as you watch the video.

It’s great for beginners. However, the video is packed with additional tips and tricks for writing formulas that will help save anyone time when writing formulas.

Here are the major topics covered:

00:00 1. What does Vlookup function do and how does it work?
03:26 2. How to write a simple Vlookup formula?
07:54 3. The two main causes of errors with Vlookup.
12:53 4. Vlookup stops at the first match & the sorting myth.
15:07 5. How to create relationships between tables & ranges.
15:55 6. Vlookup to other sheets.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is the F4 equivalent keyboard shortcut on the Mac version of Excel is Cmd+T. This is for toggling the absolute and relative references when writing the formula.

At the end of the video I mention a bonus challenge ( that will help you practice and learn additional techniques with Vlookup. This includes:

– The IFERROR function for handling errors.
– Dynamic Vlookup formulas for adding and deleting columns.
– Adding drop-down lists to create interactive spreadsheets.
– Conditional formatting to highlight rows based on a matching value.
– Vlookup with Excel Tables and Structured Reference Formulas.

Please click the link below to download the challenge file and get access to the solution videos. It’s free!
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