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[WEBINAR] The Future of Contact Center through CRM

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[WEBINAR] The Future of Contact Center through CRM

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The SaaS ecosystem is constantly evolving, and it does so more rapidly every year as providers strive to deliver new innovative solutions that cater to their customers’ growing omnichannel demands. Contact Center as a Software (CCaaS) in particular isn’t going away anytime soon.

To help you help your clients plan for their business’s needs through the next year, we’ll walk through CCaaS trends to watch for in 2020:

– Why there’s a growing demand for CCaaS licensing.
– Why the gap between CCaaS software and all-in-one CX software will widen.
– How CRM tools like Salesforce Service Cloud Voice functions as a complement to CCaaS solutions, not a competitor.
– Why long-term WX and CX strategies depend on system integrators

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