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What CRM am I using (and why on earth would I switch?!)

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What CRM am I using (and why on earth would I switch?!)

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Which collection of 4233423 tools are you pulling together for yourself and your agency clients to run their online and offline businesses?

Sick of trying to fit a square peg in a confusing hole? Zapping sheets to drive the …well, you get the picture.

What if you could do the lot in 1 place?
And you could resell it whitelabel?
AND you could run it as a real Software As A Service? 😀

Are you ready to run your own SaaS? What about a fully automated, no-code, no existing SaaS knowledge solution that’s the best “Business In A Box” CRM solution out there?

You can see it in action at leadgrown.com
– fully configurable website (like above)
– stripe/Braintree integration
– user management including impersonation
– direct connect with GHL for business & user account creation/onboard
– either default snapshot or a selector they can choose from your list of snapshot if you’re a multi niche agency
– user self service (invoice download, plan change, card update)
From $149 /mth

Add ons can include
– your own branded, Whitelabel help docs site
– integrated help chat icon for finding docs or raising tickets
– email support service from our Whitelabel team
– configurable onboarding forms integrated with users for agency info collection (like FB pixels, signed agreements etc)

Go to 📊 to take a look now!

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