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What is an ISA in real estate?

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What is an ISA in real estate?

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If you’re ready to raise the bar for your real estate business with someone who can handle lead generation, cultivation, and customer relations, then you may be ready to onboard an inside sales agent. An ISA will seek out and prime home buyers and sellers for you or your team so you can focus on your clients and closing more deals. In today’s blogcast, Tyler Helvin will go over what an ISA in Real Estate is.

Contents of this video:
00:00 Intro
00:44 What is an ISA in Real Estate?
01:47 What are the Benefits of an ISA?
03:40 What Does an ISA Do?
04:35 Where does an ISA Get Real Estate Leads?
05:19 What Skills Does an ISA Need?
07:06 What Qualifications Should an ISA Have?
08:18 How Much Does an ISA in Real Estate Make?
08:53 How to Find an ISA
09:45 What to Ask an ISA in an Interview?
11:53 Conclusion

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