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What is Shopify Plus? | Your ecommerce enterprise platform

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What is Shopify Plus? | Your ecommerce enterprise platform

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Shopify Plus is the future of ecommerce enterprise platforms, available for your growing business today.

We called it ‘Plus’ for a reason… it’s set to handle your POS system, plus integrates with email campaigns, plus you can localize to multiple currencies and languages, plus set up automated workflows… well, you get the idea. Shopify Plus takes the complexities of your business and establishes clear workflows and reports to give you the info you need, and lets you take control in the total customization of your operation. It integrates with hundreds of apps, and offers a huge library of templates and flows for you to use. Of course, if you’re tech-savvy, you can also dive in and explore coding your own custom operations as well.

Like driving the fastest sports car in the world with a stunt driver beside you, with Shopify Plus, you’re in the driver’s seat as much—or as little—as you want.

0:00 An army of commerce experts behind you
0:19 Sell any way (and where) you want
1:21 Global currencies and languages
1:41 Omnichannel, social and wholesale: more ways to sell
2:12 Admin that makes it easy
2:53 Exploring automated workflows
3:48 Access to premium tools for success
4:08 Seamless platform integration
4:49 More than just a commerce platform

Experience Shopify Plus and see how it’s easier than ever to elevate—and integrate—your business’s sales and marketing commerce strategies.

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Brought to you by Shopify Plus, the enterprise platform powering brands from Allbirds and Gymshark to Staples and Heinz.



The world’s leading brands don’t settle for bloated software. They use Shopify Plus.

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