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What is Software Sales?? (SaaS)

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What is Software Sales?? (SaaS)

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For the past two years I have been working in Software Sales for a SaaS (Software as a Service) company. This experience showed me a lot about what is possible with technical sales in terms of salary and career development.



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[ BUSINESS INQUIRIES ] Interested in working together? I would love to chat! You can send an email to: Uncloudedr@gmail.com

[ ABOUT ME ] Hello everyone, I’m Daytrieon and welcome to my small corner of the web. I am happy to welcome you to my channel where I chat about my experience as a D1 athlete and provide tips on breaking into the tech industry and encourage new engineers. My primary focuses is to create dialogue around the status of college sports and life after football. In this channel I will share my personal stories so you can get a glimpse of the true meaning of being a successful person. I also sell software for a SaaS company; my career has quickly allowed me to develop some personal skills related to business development. My software sales career started as a Sales Engineer, this allows me to have dialogue with customers at a technical level.

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