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Why Early Stage SaaS Companies Need a Market Map

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Why Early Stage SaaS Companies Need a Market Map


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Here’s a scenario for you.

A company is looking to accelerate their growth.

Their go-to-market strategy is almost exclusively outbound. And they have a good handle on their metrics from demo to closed won.

They know that with 60 demos per month they’ll hit their new number.

So what do they do?

They look at the target number (60 demos) and divide that by the number of meetings SDRs are currently booking. Let’s say it’s 10 per month.

The company grows their SDR team to 6 people and tries to ramp them to productivity as quickly as possible.

What’s missing from this though is an analysis of the market.

Are there enough target companies (based on current conversion rates) to hit this number.

To calculate this you’ll need to map the market.

That is, build out the list of companies that fit your ideal client profile. Once you know how many companies there are you need to know how many companies you need to reach out to in order to book a meeting (based on current numbers).

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