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Why facebook ads are a WASTE OF MONEY!

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Why facebook ads are a WASTE OF MONEY!

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It’s all about the fundamentals, which is why I don’t know any regular people who make money buying facebook ads. Nor do I know any regular people who make money with YouTube ads. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that they don’t work.

YES FACEBOOKS ADS DO WORK BUT….You have to do your homework!! If you don’t do your homework, the FACEBOOK ADS ARE A WASTE OF MONEY!

The problem is that most new businesses don’t have the fundamentals right. So let’s talk about the fundamentals. Here are three things that you should have before you invest in facebook ads.

The first thing that you should have before investing in ads, is a customer avatar. If you don’t know who is most likely to buy your product then you’ll probably end up with likes but no sales. Ultimately you’re in business to make money and unless you have a strategy, likes and follows don’t put money in the bank.

Speaking of strategies, you need to have one. What’s your sales funnel? Do you know what a sales funnel is? If you don’t then you need to learn about sales funnels before you even think about spending money on facebook ads. Most people won’t buy the first time that they see your ad so you have to know how to get people from clicking on your ad to putting money in your pocket.

I’ve mention making sales a few times. Do you know what your customer lifetime value is? Do you know what your average sale generates in profit? Before you spend money on advertising make sure that you know these four things.

Cost of acquisition or sale
Your average sale amount
How much each customer is worth to your business
Who your ideal customer is

In summary, you have to have a plan if you want your ads to give you a return on your investment. Facebook has made it really easy to boost your ad, but remember they make money even if you don’t, so don’t click on that boost your post button until you have a strategy.

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