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Why is Perfume So Expensive?

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Why is Perfume So Expensive?

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Million-Dollar Marketing
Some companies spend millions on marketing their perfumes. They splurge on A-list celebrity spokespersons and extravagant ad campaigns. Some brands market perfumes similarly to art or very fine wines, even going so far as creating only so many bottles to be sold. The exclusivity generates hype, and buyers with lavish taste are consistently more than willing to pay the price—perhaps for the bragging rights that come with owning a coveted bottle of something so special.

Luxurious Packaging
Spritzing on perfume is almost ritualistic for some. Perfumers know that beautiful packaging can elevate that experience, as well as make a product stand out in a sea of fragrances. For example, some of the world’s most costly scents come in Baccarat crystal bottles. Baccarat, a French company, creates and sells the finest crystal in the world; the price of the bottle itself makes it extremely valuable. Other bottles boast embellishments like diamonds and solid gold details.

An expensive bottle of perfume is an ultimate luxury, and absolutely a status symbol. Is it worth it? If it makes you feel like a million bucks, maybe it is. Only you can decide how much you value your scent. One thing’s for sure: perfumers are banking on you valuing it highly.

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