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Why You Shouldn't Boost Your Facebook Posts

by admin
Why You Shouldn't Boost Your Facebook Posts


One frustration I keep hearing from people is that Facebook ads don’t work. They’re shaking their virtual fist in the air saying that they’ve tried ads before, gotten zero results and lost money in the process.

They then give up, swear off Facebook ads and tell anyone who will listen that Facebook ads are a waste and don’t work.

Bloody Facebook!

But when I dig a little deeper, I learn that what they really mean when they say they’ve “tried Facebook ads” is they’ve boosted some posts.

Ahh, the ol’ boost post button. You know, that not-so-easy-to-ignore button that’s at the bottom of where you post your updates on Facebook?


Ever since Facebook reduced the reach of how many people see our posts, the boost button has become the go-to option for far too many people wanting to get their content seen by their target customers.

I say far too many because it’s not the most effective or cost efficient way to market to your ideal audience on Facebook.

Is boosting your post a form of Facebook advertising?

Sure it is, but its limitations far outnumber the benefits to your wallet in my book.

In this short video, I’l share with you why I think boosting your posts is a waste of your time (and money) and what you should absolutely be doing instead if you’re serious about growing your business:

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