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XP Sports Boost Energy Drink Product Review; Energy Drink for Gamers with nootropics

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XP Sports Boost Energy Drink Product Review; Energy Drink for Gamers with nootropics

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In this video we are going over a drink geared towards gamers and that drink is by XP Sports called Boost energy drink. It comes in 2 flavors, Rainbow Candy and Sour Lime Pucker Face. How many nootropics do you get in this drink? Well, XP Sports is actually giving you a few ingredients you may not have heard of. More below.

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0:00 – Intro
1:36 – About gamer drinks
2:06 – Difference between nootropic drinks vs gamer drinks
2:39 – Supplement Facts Panel
5:51 – Performance Amplifier plus blend ingredients
7:06 – Neurosensory Matrix ingredients
9:49 – Shield Compound
10:01 – FloraGLO Lutein
10:51 – Why plants are green
11:20 – Artificial blue light
11:52 – Rainbow Candy Review
16:06 – Sour Lime Pucker Face
19:35 – Closing thoughts
20:47 – Outtake

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Compared to preworkout energy drinks, there aren’t as many energy drinks geared towards gamers. You have GFuel, Ghost and Sneak, with a few of others starting to pop up, but when it actually comes to canned (not powders) the energy drink market doesn’t have a ton of options for gamers. So, XP Sports decided they wanted to make an energy drink for gamers and came up with Boost energy drink.

How are nootropic energy drinks and gamer energy drinks different? Well, they really aren’t all that different. Its just that the gamer energy drinks are nootropics marketed towards gamers instead of everyone. By niching down to that audience, you have a great chance of getting that specific audience as opposed to trying to appeal to everyone. The gaming community is such a large group that you probably have a better chance selling to them then everyone. That being said XP Sports did put a few additional ingredients in their drink for an extra added benefit to gamers.

The ultimate question is, do they actually give you effective dosages of these ingredients to make a difference? Similar to preworkouts, its great to say you have healthy ingredients in your drinks, but its another thing to actually give you effective dosages. Check out the video for all the details you need to know on XP Sports Boost Gamer drink.

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