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YouTube Marketing Boost of Your Business

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YouTube Marketing Boost of Your Business

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YouTube Marketing.
Established in 2005, YouTube is one of the first global social
networks around, and its relevance continues to do nothing
but grow. The video content posted, viewed, and shared on
YouTube can be watched on desktops, laptops, notebooks and smartphones—any time of day or night. YouTube attracts a larger range of demographics across all ages, hobbies, interests, and careers than any other social media platform—
and YouTube videos can generate high search engine page
rank. If that’s not enough, the combined audio/visual makes.
content more memorable than plain written text.
The Numbers Speak for Themselves
As the demand for quality video content increases, YouTube
continues gain more subscribers. Below is a closer look at
some of the benefits to creating an organic video marketing
Worldwide, YouTube has over 1 billion users (yes, a billion)
and a whopping 30 million of them watch videos every day.
An astounding 5 billion videos are viewed each day, totaling
in over 500 million hours of daily viewing. Over 300,000 new
videos are uploaded daily. 80% of people ages 18 to 49
regularly watch YouTube videos. Over 50% of YouTube
videos are viewed on mobile devices. The average mobile
viewing session lasts 40 minutes, so there’s an amazing.


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